1. How old are you?
I’m 23 years young :)
2. Are you from the Philippines?
Yes! Born and raised.
3. Where are you currently residing?
Virginia, USA
4. What is your course?
Computer Science but I also took Advertising a few years ago.


1. Will you accept my follow in twitter?
Well, my twitter is currently in a public setting so go ahead follow.
2.  Name your favorite websites?
This is hard but I’ll give a list of websites that I read daily:
  • A Pair of Pears
  • Breanna Rose
  • The Fresh Exchange Blog
  • MadeSolo
  • Jsevilla
  • Wild-Spirit
  • Dance With Jay


1. How long have you been blogging?
I don’t remember the year I started blogging but I guess it was around  2007, it all started with Xanga > LiveJournal > WordPress (sub-domain blog with the help of Ate Kisty) > Blogger > Tumblr > WordPress > then back again to Blogger.
2. How do you edit your images / create graphics for your blog?
I only use Adobe Photoshop in editing images and creating graphics but I have been using Adobe Illustrator. I have yet to try Adobe Photoshop InDesign!
3. Are you open for collaboration?
Yes! So to those who are interested drop me a message at my email.

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