Journey to United States: The Interview

Metro Manila, Philippines
I have heard and read countless of stories on how nerve-racking visa interviews are. I, being my weird self had sleepless nights thinking of all the possibilities that might happen - good or bad. If not mistaken right after my medical I had a month to prepare for the whole visa interview process from collating documents and reading blogs regarding visa interviews.

Journey to United States: Medical Examination Experience

Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
All applicants in an immigrant visa are required to take a medical examination as it is needed during the interview. Most of the time applicants would schedule their medical examination a week or less before their interview, I had mine five days after I received the letter which is like a month and eight days until my scheduled appointment to the U.S. Embassy.I just had in mind that I should finished it right away so if ever a problem occur I have sufficient time to fix it.

Life Lately: Hiatus? No more!

Why were you missing in action for the past two months? What happened? I made a decision to detach myself from social media hence my inactivity to focus on this change happening in my life. Yes, I wasn't only missing here but also in my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts (though I made a couple of tweets = updates of what was really happening with my life).
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