A Day of Wonder at Renwick Gallery

Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum

Renwick, Smithsonian
As promised I decided to open a new blog series called A Day with Willa which will mainly feature my trips in the United States but mostly the Washington Metropolitan area and a dash of local food hubs. To be quite honest, I can't contain my excitement while writing this post as I really had fun while wandering around which hopefully you'll experience in your visit here. (If you need a buddy or friend during your visit here, I'd be willing to show you around despite being new).

Journey to United States: Preparation and Arrival

Virginia, USA
Moving to a foreign country is probably one of the biggest life transitions a person could ever have. The whole process could be both physically and mentally exhausting though I believe it is more of the latter. There would be times that you would just want to give up as the cultural differences can be overwhelming but always remind yourself to take it as a challenge that you would want to overcome. Yes, it may take a while but I assure you that life would get better with each passing day.

Hello! I'm back.

Virginia, USA
Finally, the time has come to make a blogging comeback and I'm more determined than ever. I can't believe it has already been six long months since my last blog entry and back then I was writing experiences as I leave the Philippines, my native country for the United States.
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