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Hello, fellow earthling! I’m Tricia Willa, a 23-year-old eccentric earthling, creative and currently an Event Operations Associate. I'm born and raised in Manila, Philippines, currently residing in Maryland, USA dreaming big and achieving goals one step at a time. 

I'm an INFJ. So it's safe to say that I am intuitive, creative, calm (to the point of being soft spoken), and altruistic. I’m someone that appreciate people who use their time in creating beautiful things.

I graduated with a degree in Computer Technology and a major in Advertising. Besides working in the fast-paced events industry in Washington DC, I'm a spirited freelance graphic designer and a chic fangirl. I have been accepting commissioned works for various blog sites, up and coming retail shops, etc.. I also accept non-commissioned works but mostly for fan sites.
"Once timid and shy, Tricia has since stepped out of her shadow to become her own person. She still keeps a low profile in school, but she knows how to handle herself with quite confidence. She stays motivated by her dreams and by the accomplishments she makes in her academics. She’s the kind of person who is responsible that she does notes in advance. No! She’s far from being a nerd! She is an aspiring consummate artist. Now, the only thing that goes beyond her love for art is her love for others. So becoming a goodwill ambassador for a good charity or cause is a definite in her future” quoted from Quo Vadis 2009
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